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We continually develop innovative products and systems to make life easier for companies and individuals who need to live in clean and sanitized environments using efficient products and modern techniques. We focus our efforts to exceed people's expectations. We are attentive to the best in the world, keeping our product line and solutions for professional cleaning updated.


Our factory is in compliance with the environmental agencies and in full development of ecologically correct products, with biodegradable raw materials, free of phosphates and solvents, contributing, in this way, to a more sustainable world.


In order to meet the accelerated growth we are experiencing, we have invested in a new plant with the best production practices, with excellence in the production of household products and cosmetics.


Our sales system is formed by qualified distributors with specialized technical department, always guaranteeing excellent results, combining economy and quality.


We are committed to serving well, based on the principles of honesty, fidelity, quality and fair prices, providing innovative solutions.

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